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IT Services

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Teknewlogy, a comprehensive software development company, manages the entire lifecycle of software, from conception to deployment and support. Our team brings engineering discipline, a wide range of competencies, and a Design Thinking approach to guarantee high-quality software that is deployed swiftly and consistently. 

With a customer-centric, collaborative, and iterative approach, our seasoned software development team ensures the delivery of smart and complete solutions.

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It services

UI/UX Design thinking is consistently deployed as the initial discipline in developing software solutions. We engage our clients and teams in divergent and convergent problem and solution definition, using techniques that are characteristically visual, collaborative, and iterative.

We apply the principles and methods of Human Centered Design to ensure a deep understanding of your customer and user needs by identifying what drives end-user behavior and intrinsic motivators toward the desired change you’re seeking. Our customer-centric approach means that we systematically and purposefully employ industry-leading tools and methods to create useful, functional, aesthetically-pleasing, and viable software products.

Architecture Services Give Structure

We leverage software architects to establish a thorough understanding of your current, technical landscape and solution constraints to ensure that your software roadmap delivers a sustainable, scalable, and “fit-to-purpose” foundation. We take a cloud-first and managed-API architectural approach that is balanced by systems thinking. This means that software isn’t created in a silo, but with full awareness of technical and business ecosystems.

Related to portal and platform solutions, we design integrated, omnichannel, and event-driven experiences for your customers.  Social Media, IoT, machine learning, and other components are assembled into bespoke solutions that we implement on-premises or in your cloud-based enterprise environment.

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